O Aperfeiçoamento do Homem Annie Besant




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O Aperfeiçoamento do Homem  by  Annie Besant

O Aperfeiçoamento do Homem by Annie Besant
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THE MAN OF THE WORLDHIS FIRST STEPSTHERE is a Path which leads to that which is known as Initiation, and through Initiation to the Perfecting of Man- a Path which is recog­nised in all the great religions, and the chief features of which are described in similar terms in every one of the great faiths of the world.

You may read of it in the Roman Catholic teachings as divided into three parts: (1) The Path of Purification or Purgation- (2) the Path of Illumination- and (3) the Path of Union with Divinity. You find it among the Mussal­mans in the Sufi - the mystic - teachings of Islam, where it is known under the names of the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

You find it further eastward still in the great faith of Buddhism, divided into subdivisions, though these can be classified under the broader outline. It is similarly divided in Hinduism- for in both those great religions, in which the study of [1] psychology, of the human mind and the human constitution, has played so great a part, you find a more definite subdivision.

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